I have been an electric tram nut from way back. I can remember my grandmother taking me on the tram from Heemstede to Haarlem, Holland, when I was four years old (this must have been around 1938). Later I took the tram to high school, until Haarlem's city fathers decided to do away with them and replace them with buses. I used my bicycle from then on.

I love to hop on trams whenever I am in a city that has them, every time I marvel at how convenient and efficient they are.

What about Australia? Melbourne's tram system is great, never mind that some carriages are truly vintage. Brisbane and Adelaide had some good tram lines before they got thrown out. Better not talk about Sydney's one short and ailing tram route which, like its monorail, is a more of a lunapark attraction rather than a serious attempt at public transport.

You can find some marvellous video footage of vintage and contemporary trams on the internet. A few of my favourites are shown below, I hope you like them.

Do you happen to know some more good tram footage? If so, let me know!

NOTE: Depending on your internet connection, browser and player, playing the film clips directly off the internet may not work satisfactorily.
It may then be better to download and save the clips on your computer for local viewing.

The Hague, Netherlands, 1930
Great silent footage of city streets at that time with cars, cyclists and, of course . . . . . trams.

The clip ends with an unusual demo run of a diesel tram on the track from The Hague to Scheveningen.
Whilst the dignitaries obviously enjoyed the junket, The Hague's tramway system stayed electric. It's still going strong today.

The End of Trams in Haarlem, Netherlands, 1949

Excerpt from a Polygoon newsreel documenting the farewell of the "Blue Tram" in Haarlem. They were replaced by buses, which soon became more of a nuisance than the trams ever were.

Dutch commentary.

100 years of Trams in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Excerpts from a documentary, produced in 2006, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Amsterdam's trams.

Lots of archival shots of old and newer trams in various parts of the city which today, like so many European cities, continues to have an efficient, convenient tramway system.

Dutch commentary.

Trams in Stuttgart, Germany

Footage of contemporary trams in the city of Stuttgart.

Some German commentary.