A Baroque Backer

Jacob Adriaensz Backer (1608 - 1651) was one of the most successful and influential Dutch painters of the Baroque era.

Jacob Adriaensz Backer was born in Harlingen where his father was a baker. He soon moved to Amsterdam where, around 1640, he was of high standing in the elite circle of local painters. He was particularly well known for his virtuosity as a portrait painter.

It was probably unfortunate that he was a contemporary of Rembrandt. Both lived and worked in the same city and drew their clientele from the same circles.

Jacob Adriaensz Backer and many of his contemporaries were largely forgotten, especially in the 19th century when Rembrandt attracted most of the limelight.

Exacly 400 years after his death Backer was honoured by a major exhibition in the Amsterdam Rembrandthuis, from November 2008 to end February 2009 after which the exhibition would be moved to a German gallery.

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